Poem: That’s what maths is all about – by R Islam

What is maths all about?

When you decide whether to cross the road, and think about the probability of getting hit

When you want to share, and try to be fair

When you decide how much chilli, to make the curry spicy

When you shop, and try to get the most price off

When you ask your accountant when, and do your tax return

When you’re planning, and budgeting for a wedding

When you build a house, the ratio to make the cement needs to be precise

When your house needs glossing, you find the area and buy the minimum painting

When you know the recipe needed for 5 people, but scale up to cook for 30 people

When you use prime numbers to encode and decode cypher-texting, because you know Billy is eavesdropping

When you’re a businessman and need to decide on a product, you analyse the market stat

When you want to build a robot, mathematical algorithms – know that there will be a lot

When you throw a basketball, but give up because of the wrong angle of projection of the ball

When you lose a game of tennis, and rethink your angles to find the best way to defeat Dennis

When you invest £400 in an antique that increases value by 50% per year, and realise in 20 years you’re a millionaire

When you’re a surgeon and need to give the right dose, so don’t get wrong your milli’s and micro’s for the dose

When you plan a long exploration car journey, and determine whether you can finish in a day the journey

When you’re into architecture, make sure you use your geometry to learn the structure

When you use trigonometry before deciding whether to take a glance, from Cliffs of Dover you can see France

When you realise the ratio between the circumference and diameter of any circle is Pi, you question why

When you go shopping and need to decide whether to buy 6 eggs for £1 or 15 eggs for £2.25?

That’s what maths is all about!

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