Mr Islam is passionate about raising student achievement in mathematics. He has tutored students since 2011 and taught students since 2017. He holds a PGCE in Mathematics, a GradC in Mathematics, and an Integrated Masters (scientific). Maths is the subject he has a real passion for since childhood and loves helping students increase their potential in mathematics.

With more than 7+ years of combined maths teaching and tutoring experience, Mr Islam has been helping students learn the GCSE and the A level maths curriculum. His experience has enabled him to reflect on the fine progression of each mathematical area. Being passionate about teaching and learning, aspiration of becoming a world-class maths teacher, and regularly reflecting on the best way students learn and make progress in mathematics, he decided to put his knowledge of the curriculum and reflection of teaching practice into developing 100 GCSE Maths mini-units (300 lessons) as well as dedicating time to compiling and refining 100 complimentary exam packs (30 Algebra, 30 Number, 25 Geometry, and 15 Statistics).

His lessons are highly structured, concise and easy to follow. Almost all lessons follow the following format: activating prior knowledge through the starter, progressive examples with a success criteria (steps) for students to copy down, skill based task or two, and then a reasoning task (worded/problem solving/exam style questions). The complimentary exam packs contain specifically selected exam questions that covers a broad range of questions covering each area comprehensively, challenging the most able, yet minimising repetition. Less than 4% of the questions are non-exam questions due to new content and lack of questions that are available on some parts of the curriculum. The compiled exam question packs and numerical solutions are available free of charge, and the model solutions and video of model solutions are password protected.

Mr Islam believes each student can achieve great results as long as they are willing to work hard and believe in themselves. He has built this website primarily to develop his students and students across the world to become more independent learners. The potential these exam-style packs, numerical solutions, model solutions and video of model solutions has is limitless in improving students’ grades.

To be a strong independent learner, the first step is to convince yourself you can achieve as long as you are willing to work for it. Build knowledge progressively by starting with the Grade 2 packs, then move onto Grade 3 packs, etc. Do each question, check the numerical solutions, figure out why you got some questions wrong, and then correct using the model solutions and video of model solutions (copying model solutions actually improves retention). ‘Being successful in maths is all about having good examples and repetition.’ – Mr Islam.

You can also learn the curriculum by watching the video of model solutions, then trying the questions, and then marking using the model solutions and reviewing by re-watching parts of the video. Again, start with the Grade 2 packs, then move onto Grade 3 packs, etc. so prior knowledge required is addressed before tackling the higher graded packs.

Hope you find this website beneficial.


I offer private tutoring if available. During term time, if available, it will have to be on a Sunday. My online lessons start at the beginning of the hour and single lesson lasts 50 minutes, such as 10:00-10:50, and double lessons lasts 1 hour 50 minutes, such as 10:00-11:50. My fees are £45 for single lessons or £90 for double lessons.

Currently available.